6 Apps for PR and Social Media Specialists

Public Relation and social media management is not an easy job. It has its share of highs and lows with the latter making what is already a difficult job even harder. But building and maintaining a positive image for a brand, company, or person is a constant challenge of finding opportunities to get your message out there. Here are some helpful apps to add to your go-to tools.

ClickToTweet is created to make sharing and promoting content from blogs or websites easier. The app is designed to allow users to control what message they wish others to share and generate customized links that are easy to share.

Flipboard takes news aggregation to a new level. It serves as your personal magazine where you can keep track of content that you can read and share. It curates and even highlights headlines.

Networking and meeting a lot of new people are all part of a typical day or week of PR work. Potential clients, journalists, and other work-related contacts are among the people you will likely to meet in various functions or events. The LinkedIn app makes it easier to stay connected and continue to engage with the people you meet over time.

Pocket makes it easier to save content and videos to read or watch later. It can prove quite handy for busy professionals who may not always have the time to immediately read an article or story. It helps you save content that are relevant to your work or worth checking out.

As the name suggests, this app allows you to stream or watch live videos from anywhere in the world. It is a great way of broadcasting or sharing activities, events, and happenings in real time.

Upitch is dubbed as the “Tinder for media relations”. You can share an interesting snippet of a story or announcement while journalists can sift through the stories until they find something that interest them.

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