Communication: The Roblox Language


Every game has different terms and slangs. Since Roblox is such a popular and in-demand game, we’ll take a look at the most common words and their meanings for the benefit of the novices.



Word Meaning
Admin A staff member of the game Roblox
Afk Away from keyboard (the player is away from the keyboard probably because he needs to get food or a bathroom break)
Blox To kill a player in a game
Bloxxed When the health of a player reaches zero, and the Robloxian falls apart
Brick A 2×4 plastic piece
Brick Battle A duel using Roblox’s classic weapon tools
Builders Club Roblox Update that offers more advantages
Catalog The area where players navigate to and where avatars and places are sold.
Gtg or g2g Got to go (used when the player needs to leave the game for some reason)
Leet Speak Way of communicating which was first used by hackers but today used by trolls in forums. This refers to the substitution of numbers to letters, wrong spelling, capitalization of random letters, and more. For instance, noob is spelled as n00b, LOL is spelled as L0l, Plox is spelled as Pl0x, m8 stands for mate, donate is spelled as don8, and so on.

Those who use this way of communication are called leetspeakers

LOL Laugh out loud
Newb/Noob A beginner/novice of the game (Note that the term is usually used as an insult)
OMG Oh my God
Owned This means a player has been defeated
Place A Roblox game or a player’s creation
Plox or Plz Please
Pwned The same as owned, but is used for situations where stronger force was utilized
Robloxian A player’s character in the game
ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing – This is used for situations where LOL doesn’t suffice
TL;DR Too long; didn’t read – Used in Roblox Forums when a post is deemed too long to read
TS;DR Too short; didn’t read – Used also in Roblox Forums when a post is too short that more words or explanation should be added


Because you’re a beginner, here’s a Roblox hack for you! Enjoy!

Resolving Conflict and Avoiding Further Breakdown in Communication

There is no such thing as a conflict-free life. Everyone has to deal with misunderstandings at some point. While disagreeing with someone is par for the course, how you communicate differences in opinions or points of view can either defuse or escalate conflict. The way you communicate during disagreements can either ruin or build good relationships. Here are some positive ways to deal with arguments and conflicts that may help avoid further breakdown in communication.

1. Strive for calmness and clarity. Keep calm may seem like an unoriginal and most common advice you will hear. But it remains to be the pillars of successful conflict resolution. Lucky are those who can keep their cool and maintain a level head in the midst of arguments. If you want to resolve communication problems or full-blown disagreements effectively, strive to stay calm. Or at the very least, avoid saying anything you will regret later.

2. Listen, hear, and understand. Active listening is a communication skill that not many people bother to learn. The ability to really listen to what is being said, hear the message – spoken or not, and understand the context is a trait that can be a big help in handling conflicts.

3. Engage to resolve and not to escalate the problem. Standing your ground is a natural reaction, especially if you are convinced that you are right. Engaging in arguments when you are not ready to compromise will likely worsen the problem. Focus on resolution or solutions instead of winning an argument.

4. Keep the respect. You may not agree with someone, but it should not be an excuse to disrespect the person. You do not have to dislike the person just because you do not agree on issues. Keep the respect at all costs regardless of how you are provoked.

5. Be selective with your battles. Do not let yourself be drawn to needless conflicts. Sometimes you have to be selective of which battles you will spend your precious time and energy. If a potential conflict is brewing, quickly evaluate if you should engage or just let go. You might be surprised how liberating yielding or walking away can be.

6. Focus on the issue at hand. One of the surest ways to worsen an argument is to start digging issues from the past. Focus on the problem at hand and how you can resolve it instead of bringing up unresolved conflicts from the past that are not relevant to the conversation.